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Galaxy is a popular web-based platform for analysis of biological data. It provide the user friendly interface for the tools commonly used in biological data analysis. Our service is focused on tools necessary for NGS data handling, allowing for a complete analysis from raw reads to final results.

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Chipster is a java-based workbench for analysis of biological data derived from high throughput experiments. It include tools for analysis of both, NGS and microarray data. The simple and clean interface makes handling of data and analysis straightfoward.

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BioKepler is a advanced system for construction of workflows for analysis of biological data. It include a number of build-in tools commonly used in bioinformatics. The workflows can be directly executed on PLGrid infrastructure.

Vector NTI

Vector NTI is one of the most popular software for analysis of DNA sequences. It is widely used in design of wet lab experiments, including vector design, restriction site analysis and others. It include the convenient options for visualization of the DNA sequence.

Grants for innovations

The Project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Innovative Economy program.
The Managing Authority of the Innovative Economy Operational Program is the Polish Ministry of Regional Development.
The Intermediate Body in implementation of the priority 2. “Research and Development infrastructure” is the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.