VECTOR NTI screenshot

This service is to be used by

biologists researching circular DNAs

including those who use plasmids in their

research. Vector NTI Express is integrated,

multifunctional package of applications

for DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis. It is

considered as one of the best tools

available on the market for these

applications. It assures good data integration

and management as well as scalability.

Vector NTI Express software

also has a very intuitive user interface.


Main features

Vector NTI with local database

basic tool to analyse, annotate and

visualise DNA/RNA/protein molecules.

Most useful in process of planning

and documentation of constructs used

in genetic engineering. This

program in a easy and transparent

way enables management of oligos,

enzymes, and DNA mass markers or

bioinfo analysis data.

ContigExpress – this module is useful

for qualitative analysis of DNA

sequencing results, removal of

vector sequences, assembly of several DNA

sequences into contigs and

detection of polymorphisms and mutations.


BioAnnotator – this module is for

physicochemical analysis of DNA and

protein sequences also useful for

mapping and annotation of protein

sequences using motifs found

in databases such as Pfam or Prosite.


AlignX – global alignement of

DNA or protein sequences and creation of

cladograms as well

as identification of repeats.

GenomBench – is used for visualisation

and analysis of large fragments

of DNA sequences comming from DAS servers.

This software also can be used for standard

DNA sequencing as well as next generation

sequencing (NGS) results such as

Ion Torrent PGM™, SOLiD® i

Illumina® HiSeq®

Only 3 steps to use the VECTOR NTI services

1. Register to PL-GRID: link

2. Follow the steps to get access to services

4. Run VECTOR NTI and enjoy


PL-Grid NG: project website

Biological services in PL-GRID NG documentation: link

Please refer to the VECTOR NTI for the detailed documentation on the VECTOR NTI itself.